Who we

Heraclea is a swiss company providing mobile and cloud digital solutions.

We offer in depth consulting like analysis, strategy, product definition and product ownership, according to the project’s needs.

We are your partner for a sucessful delivery and continuous improvement of your web and mobile applications.

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About us
Our History
New Brand image and website

In 2023 we have worked very hard for our dear clients ensuring key deliveries for their companies. Nonetheless we have also worked on our brand image upgrade with a new logo inspired by the “bridge” we create between business strategies and software development. Through our new website design we created a warm atmosphere where the users can stay to discover more about the added-value we can bring to their companies. As you discover our new website make sure to share with us your feedback at info@heraclea.io, because it will be continuously improved.

Consulting on the Security and quality of our clients' applications

Security is at the core of today’s priorities for proper software development. We have strenghtened our consulting services to ensure that our clients develop secure and qualitative software following the ISO 27001 A.14 practices.

Portfolio of major key companies

By end of 2021 we do a retrospective on our key clients’ accounts and projects we have worked on:

– McDonald’s Switzerland
– Nespresso – Swiss Aluminium Capsule recycling
– Firmenich
– Nestlé Waters – San Pelligrino
– Marsh & McLennan
– International Hospital Federation
– Credit Agricole
– Nescafé
-SPG One
-Fun Planet

Consulting services

During the covid period the demand for Consulting Services expanded our offering. The digitalization impact triggered a wide interest from our clients to understand better their development process and to improve their internal organization. We partner with our clients to guide them as well as to envision how their teams can manage a software development life-cycle.

International operations

The three Heraclea agencies were working in collaboration to deliver user-centric mobile and cloud applications to very diverse clients in Europe and South-America. Our major apps brough value to the users in the fields of mobility, gig-work, pension-fund, consulting, NGOs and finances.

Agency opening in Geneva, Switzerland

In 2018 the founder of the company came back home to Geneva to open Heraclea’s Swiss agency. Just like Stockholm Geneva became a strategic product-oriented agency of the company, while technical operations were still taking place in South-America.

Agency opening in Stockholm, Sweden

A year after the launch of the company a Swedish agency was opened in Stockholm where the digital market’s demand for our stack of technologies was high. Apart from working on mobile applications projects the team has also secured key partnership with complementary agencies such as branding, AR / VR and 3D.

Launch of the company in Bogota, Colombia

At the time of the company’s launch the founder lived in Bogota where Heraclea’s first team quickly grew. The first team-members were a brillant software architect and a loyal project manager translating the wish to set strong quality baselines before welcoming developers and supporting talents! We specialized in custom softwares in the latest technologies such as React native (mobile), React(web) .NET, NodeJS and Firebase to develop mobile and cloud-based applications.

They trust us
Our Clients
Our Values

At heraclea we are aware of the importance of having solid pillars, this way we can deliver successfully our projects and activities


We care for our clients so it is important to deliver services on time with a good guidance on the feasibility of their projects, budget, timing and quality of the products.


Honest communication fosters productive work, saves time and supports a good work dynamic. Being honest with others and oneself is essential to build trust, integrity, progress and development.


At Heraclea everyone is important and we are proud to make our collegues feeling as part of the family. We value our team members growth and accountability.


Transparency with our clients, partners and employees is key to secure long term and trustful relationships.

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