Our natural resources are limited and the digital activities represents today 2% of the world’s electricity consumption. At Heraclea we are aware of the impact that our industry has on the environment. That is why we are taking actions to help our planet and sustain digital businesses.

Ideas to improve your energy consumption

Preserve our planet

Hand holding a glass ball in the forest

Step 1

Solar energy

Most of our office’s energy comes from solar energy. Just like us you can choose a location promoting renewable energies as well as consuming the less energy possible (smart buildings, new norms construction etc.)

Step 2

Optimize your data consumption – Reduce your digital pollution

– If you manage servers: Make sure to switch off the infrastructure environment that your development team is not using.

– Manage your cloud-based drive space: Cloud drive spaces are key to collaboration in the work space and for personnal storage. Remember to optimize the space you use by deleting unuseful documents and freeing space.

– Clean up your mailbox: We sometimes forget about it, but emptying your mailbox can help to reduce our digital pollution.

Disable automatic video launch and playback. Online videos consume a lot of energy, be careful in your selection of videos and disable automatic videos launch.

Step 3

Think again your devices management

In our industry we tend to buy new devices quickly to ensure the best performances. Nonetheless, reconditioned devices can be even more performant than standard devices because they are “tunned” according to the performances’ needs.

Think about repairing and fine-tunning your devices at the same time instead of throwing them away and buying new ones.

Also try to combine two purposes into one, for example it may not be necessary for you to have a computer and a tablet, while you can combine.

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